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Features In Detail

workout equipment

Equipment Filtering

By ticking the exercise equipment you own (for example: dumbbells & a pullup bar) you can filter the list of workouts so that you only see those available to you. This helps you to create a routine with a variety of exercises, knowing you can perform all of the workouts without needing to buy additional equipment. (More workouts and equipment options are being added, currently the list is very limited).
workout notes

Workout Notes

You are able to add a note to each workout in your 7-day routine timeline. This allows you to keep track of how many sets / reps of the exercise you should perform, the weight you use, and any other reminders you'd like to save. This can also be helpful if you are creating a routine for someone else, as you can add specific instructions for the workout.
workout suggestions

Intelligent Suggestions

When you click "Check For Suggestions" at the top of the application, you will see suggestions for your routine. Currently this will only check your routine for any muscle groups you have missed so that you can ensure you have an all-round workout routine. More features are coming soon - such as checking you do not train the same muscle group two days in a row, and similar tips.
muscle groups

Highlight Muscle Groups

Hovering over the muscle groups will highlight the workouts that target that muscle group (exercises will involve multiple muscles). This helps you to organise the exercises throughout the week. For example you may choose to do all of the leg exercises in the same day.
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* Note: this is an early version of the application & things will change. Saved routines will be preserved, but workout & muscle group names may change. There may be some minor bugs especially on older browsers. It should work on most mobile devices, although the layout / display wont be ideal.